Saturday, October 1, 2011

what's hidden in your closet?

I'm not sure what my confession should be this week! I'm hooking up with Kristen from a little something for me for her Friday's confession booth. Should it be my denial of this terrible mess or that I might have a slight hoarding problem in my closet in the guest room.

Of course if your read the comment posted below then you would say both... denial and hoarding...sorry to my friend Mark over at our simple lives !!  Maybe we'll just say I'm a neat hoarder since most everything in bins!! Well I did say I like stuff!!
Mark said...

Being a Hoarder by nature, I have tons of treasured gifts from my childhood. I'm trying to get away from hoarding, just so you know.
Anyway, I love your story and I hope that my Claire holds on to her First Holy Communion necklace as long as you have.

jen@its all about me said...

I hope so too Mark.
I think it's important that the kids have those special symbols of either faith- family or both given to them by their loved ones.

Hoarder huh? My husband has that tendency too! Me I like stuff but I'm probably way to neat to be a hoarder!

All the stuff piled all over the balcony is supposed to fit back in this closet; I don't think so......

This bin is also supposed to fit in the closet too!

This is where we've decided to put some of the extra bins, mostly the family photos and the kids treasures.

All and all we did plenty of purging but still there isn't enough room for all the stuff we took out to fit back in and look like a nice neat closet!

 My bedroom closet is actually in great shape see....

Are your closets a place were you put all you stuff and as long as you don't see it it's ok? Apparently that's my motto! What's yours?


  1. Love it! We could so go with a link up about hoarding! :) You should seriously see my house. 1200 sq feet and 3 kids and all that "special" equipment? arrgghh!!!!
    Anyway - I commented on your comment (get that?) - so go and tell me what you think. :)

  2. I can only imagine all the stuff that Alexander requires for his medical needs!

    Imagining it in the context of my little wound the and tons of supplies and equipment I needed! The stuff was all over the down stairs bath room!

    I sympathize!

  3. If you think that is hoarding :) garage looks like it could do with a low-loader to clear it out. I keep trying, but there's always that "It might come in handy...." and you can gaurantee, as soon as I get rid of something..I find a use for it :(

  4. In all fairness all that crap was crammed up into that closet Steve there wasn't on square inch of space free! I just didn't get a picture of it!

    You sound like my husband and our garage is in the same shape! When I get to nagging him about our garage being such a mess; he goes out there and just moves the piles around from one place to another to humor me!

  5. I didn't think it was disorganization and/or hoarding as long as it was all concealed in a plastic tote with a label.

    According to my definition, you are totally organized!


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