Monday, October 17, 2011

la la la la la

What are you doing Jen? Is that you practicing your singing? Or is it something else entirely?

When I first started this blog last January one thing always puzzled me;  I'd read other blogs and they'd write things like.......

'blogging helped me find my voice', voice what voice?

I didn't have a clue what that meant, really I didn't!
As I wrote and the more I wrote I came to understand all about that voice. What I've often wondered though..... does it mean the same thing to every blogger?

I used to anguish over every word I wrote in my posts wondering if what I was saying was just right, clever, funny and interesting. If I couldn't get it just so, then I wouldn't publish or if I made a comment I worried how it would be received sometimes I would write it then delete it. Almost ten months have passed and I have built confidence in what I put on my blog and how I comment.  I have found my voice on many subjects and feel more at ease saying what is in my heart and putting that to words. 

This blog has become an outlet for me. When the kids died I wrote a personal journal and I found that to be helpful to the point of satisfying. The act of writing whether personal or just recreational has become a part of me and I think that this blog is a good mix of both. What I enjoy as much about developing my voice is the voices that I hear back, the comments, how I love the interaction with my readers.

I am not an educated woman, I didn't go to college. After I graduated high school I went to work in my families business and then married quite young. I am certainly never had dreams of being a writer or consider myself a literary genius. I have no illusions of  being a big blogger, make money blogging, nor do I care if nine hundred people follow my blog. I've come to realize for me it's not about the numbers. My blog is like my symbolic little village where I know just about everyone to some extent or another and I find it to be rather nice that way.

What's important to me is that people read what I write and that it touches them in some way, makes them laugh, remember, think, cry, say mmm! At the same time I hope it gives them a glimpse into my world and who I am as a person. My voice lets me write with confidence in this space. My voice lets me speak with kindness. My voice is truth telling. My voice has respect for others and their opinions. There is no fear in my voice here...

This blog is my place after all, the place where it's all about Jen right?

la la la la la!


  1. Such a great post. I too had NO idea what people were talking about when I started the blog back in January. Community? Friendships? Conferences? I couldn't wrap my brain around it. But I totally get it :) You just keep being Jen!

  2. I started my blog because I have three sisters and they all drove me crazy by expecting me to answer all of their e-mails. I figured if I wrote a blog and told them of the site, they could read it and it would like a really long e-mail for them all to share.

    That was years ago. My sisters rarely read my blog anymore. I think I was too honest and they dislike swearing and the fact that I don't feel one whit of guilt for leaving the church.

    Like you, I discovered a community. People come and go, I travel around sometimes when I get bored and read more blogs. I read yours and liked it.

    Some days I fantasize about how fun it would be to have a big Thanksgiving dinner and invite all my blog friends and NOT my family (well except for my partner and our daughter...) Other days, I feel like throwing the towel in and just ending the blog. I get tired and cranky.

    But, I can never seem to close up shop. Just. can't. do. it. That says something important, I think.

  3. Jen you have so much to say and in such a different way that you totally could be a writer you know...and true, blogging makes me pour my heart out and not get judged. So glad you decided to write ! yay!

  4. Robyn-Dweege & Shades,

    Thanks for chiming in ladies, I always appreciate hearing what you having to say. This community of bloggers if a better place for people like you!

  5. Maria,

    Love love love to see a new name pop up on my comments! At first I thought you were my cousin Maria, but as I read I realized; no she's to much of a ditz to write such a cogent comment!

    What a great Thanksgiving fantasy, that sounds like it would be fun. That might be a good post, who would be invited and what would happen at that make believe dinner!!

    Anyway, I popped over to your blog to take a peek, wow woman you have a life that sure is not dull. Appreciate you reading the blog, see you over at your place.

  6. Oh Jen, what a GREAT voice you have too!

    I started my blog 2-1/2 years ago as a way to chronicle the wonderful, fleeting, and chaotic moments of raising my kids. Little did I know that it would give me such a great outlet, and I have met people and made connections that I NEVER would have thought I could. It has enriched my life in so many ways!

    The best part about all this is it's YOUR blog and YOUR voice, so say whatever you want! Keep on blogging! :)

  7. Wonderful post Jen! I get that same kind of feeling from blogging. I just love knowing that somewhere people are reading my writing and hopefully having some sort of reaction to it. As a girl who wants to become a novelist, it's pretty a pretty empowering feeling!

  8. What a lovely voice you have.
    Your Friend, m.

  9. Clare, Jenna, & Mark

    So glad with so many people out there and so many blogs to read, we've found each other. :)

  10. Amen.
    This is your space to let your soul loose through your words. You own this neck of the woods, so scream, laugh, cry, share, support, encourage....this is you. And heck's all about you ;)


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