Tuesday, October 25, 2011

family,food, cake and a hike

After DC the family got together at my house for some food and relaxation.We did do a lot of walking after all. I have to say mother nature really cooperated and the weather was wonderful so we gathered outside.

My daughter, her husband and their kids Adam, Emmanuel and Xavier drove down to visit with my brother Paul and his daughter Amanda who were visiting from Hawaii. I'm afraid we didn't get pictures of everyone but here goes...

Here's Heather, my daughter and her Uncle Paul hanging out saying their hello's.

And here's Mom, my son Matthew and my son in law Bo enjoying the beautiful day and an adult beverage before we ate.

My husband isn't much for cooking in the house, however he is great at the grill! And of course that's Heather again, even as a child she was a ham bone!

My grandson Emmanuel's birthday was last week so we had to have a cake right? What kind of grandparents would we be! With his parents looking on he's blowing out his candles and making his wish.

Then they all took a hike back onto our property which is about 26 or so acres, this is what they saw.The next three pictures were taken by my nine year old grandson Xavier. I think he's got a bit of talent don't you?

This is our pond, a timber company just cleared about one square mile of timber on the other side of it for a family who inherited the land. It looks terrible and leaves much of my area looking more like a prairie.

This is our old three level tobacco barn. It hasn't been used in many many years as you can see by it's condition. The tobacco would be hung on poles up on top across beams and then a fire would be built on the ground and the tobacco is smoked before going to market.

These are a several trees that are sure to become fire wood for our wood stove at some point. They are most certainly storm damage from our last hurricane. 

And now a few pictures that my niece Amanda took when she was out and about on the hike.

This is a deer track that they found out in the woods, we have a family of deer who come up to the house regularly and eat the apples and pears off the trees.

Our apples are just about done as you can see, this one is pretty rotten on the vine, and the leaves are almost all on the ground now.

And that was our family day, with food, cake and a hike. My brother and his daughter left to go back to Hawaii early this morning. We are SO happy that they could come and so sad to see them go. Maybe next time we can all get together; all of us.


  1. You have 26 acres?
    I have like just enough room for a swingset, a small patio and some space for my dog to do his business.
    I dream of property like that someday.
    Looks like you all had fun ;)

  2. I love the name Emmanuel. Had Claire been a boy, that would be her, I mean his, name right now. But as it is, she is Claire Marie Emmanuelle now. Fred didn't want her first name to be that because he says there is a porn star in France with that name. I don't know. Google it if you want.
    So nice that you family could come up and hang out with you all. Especially your brother's family from Hawaii. That's cool!
    Take care!

  3. Kimberly,
    Sometimes I wish we were still in the small back yard, especially on leave raking day! Oh yeah fun for sure!

  4. Mark,
    Yup I agree it's a great name. And he's a great kid. Loves to cook, he's 11 and already wants to be a chef.

    We have a few in the family already both real and amateur so he was born into the right stock!

    That's funny about Fred associating his name with a porn star, I guess there are a lot of good names ruined by old crappy lovers and cereal murderers. Go figure! Anyway Clare is a great name,it's actually half of my maiden name!

  5. Sounds like a fun family day!


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