Thursday, November 17, 2011

in case you missed it

Just a friendly reminder.

This blog has moved.

Jen has taken up residence at her new blog...

Come visit !

Thursday, November 3, 2011

my blog is moving and getting a name change

A blogger friend of mine e-mailed me the other day and asked me a question.  This person asked me if I ever considered changing the name of this blog. I'm going to paraphrase here he/she said that this blog really isn't "all about Jen", so why the name?

Honestly, I had no vision of what this blog would be when I started and like the name it wasn't very well thought out. Time and practice however has taught me a few things, first I like what I'm doing on my blog now but the name's gotta go. He or she is free to reveal themselves if they'd like to take credit for nudging me towards this change. I'm rather excited at this do-over of sorts!

This left me with some choices to make. Do I keep my URL and just change my Blog name ( I thought that might be confusing ) Or do I go for the whole shooting match and just start a whole new blog? The fact of the matter is I like this blog, it's kinda like an old friend and so are many of you, so I've decided to export this one to my new blog here with a fresh new name, something a bit more fitting.

Now you might ask what's the new Blogs name? Now that took some work! I made lists and thought of clever little sayings, then rejected them all. The person who wrote the e-mail mentioned in a follow up e-mail that blog names are personal. How right that person is.

So I started to reflect, to think about our life especially these past five years since the kids deaths. We have lived  through so much heartache but there were so many blessings too, we are after all hopeful people. Surely there was a name there somewhere! In my search for that blog name, I kept on coming back to one thing, people are curious ya know, and the #1 question I get asked is "what it's like after the loss of a child", "how do you go on"? My answer to that is "you go on because you have to there's no other choice". "But you do have a choice in the manner in which you  live on". I will tell you this, "there's a ache that never goes away but God has provided for our family and we're living a full life".

So my blogger friends I do hope you will join me over at my new blog named we're living a full life. I'm afraid I couldn't take my followers when I exported this blog so you'll have to come yourselves if you wish. I should also say that if you are an e-mail subscriber and want to receive what I'll be writing on the new blog by e-mail you are going to have to sign up again (sorry!) and thank you.

That's so be sure to jot it down!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

yes, i really did number 22

Last weeks writing prompt with Mama Kat's writer's workshop was to write a list of the 22 THINGS I had done. This week I can take one of those things and elaborate. The choice was easy, because I really did # 22 and a few people commented on it!

Here's what they said.

ARIANA said, "now # 22 is just crazy!!!" in her comment. An my friend MARK said in his "#22!" " Seriously?" " Were you strapped in?" "That's craziness!!!"

Let me explain since not only am I not crazy, I am actually the most normal person I know. I plead tired step-mother with a touch I didn't have a clue! What to know what #22 is, read on?!

You see I married young and my husband had three little kids, they lived with him so I became an instant Mom, I was barely 22 at the time.  Full of myself I jumped in head on into the step-mom thing. Some people might think that's crazy but that's not #22, continue reading.

When their Mom picked them up it was alone time for my husband. After all most married couples get years of privacy before kids but not us, alone time was weekends only.

So here's the story, we had only been married for a few months but on this particular weekend we decided to get away.  I cuddled up next to my husbands warm body while he was driving and fell asleep, it was a short distance to our destination but I went out like a light. I should say at this point I am not normally a napper.

A few months later on weekend afternoon after a romantic encounter hubby came back into the bedroom and sat on the bed eating a cold piece of pizza and drinking a beer. Being a big lover of pizza and beer I was rather surprised when I felt a rather strong urge to jump out of the bed, run to the bathroom and throw up. Dizzy and in a cold sweat I sat on the camode and just knew that I was pregnant.  Then the light went on for the reason my lights went out and I....  fell asleep on the back of a motorcycle.22

I received one more comment about #22, it was from JACKIE and she asked, "Oh my goodness, how do you fall asleep on the back of a motorcycle?" 

My answer to her would be; I was at the time an exhausted step-mother who didn't have a clue she was pregnant, and apparently that meant I could sleep anywhere; even on a motorcycle!