Thursday, October 27, 2011

things I've done

Last week I did a post linking up with mama kat on the things I've never done, this weeks task is to write a list of Things I have Done... so here goes.

I am 52 years old and I have:

1. swam in the Atlantic, Pacific and the Mediterranean oceans.

2. moved to a state 8hours away from my parents after marrying.

3 lived in a beach community.

4. learned to cook Chinese (cooking class)

5.  buried two of my children, a daughter and a son.

6. owned dogs, cats and mice as pets.

7. gambled and liked it.

8. worked with the poor and homeless 

9. cooked for a men's shelter.

10. played viola in the junior- high school orchestra.

11. gone on religious retreat with Nuns

12. been to therapy

13. gotten drunk

14.shot a snake

15. surfed

16. stayed out all night (in my younger days)

17. took sewing lessons 

18. went up the Hudson River (NY) in a boat past the Statue of Liberty.

19. saw two mountain lions walk across my neighbors yard.

20. worn green dresses in every wedding for which I was a bridesmaid.

21. turned grey at 35

22. fell asleep on the back of a motorcycle


  1. #22! Seriously? Were you strapped in? That's craziness!!!

  2. No strap and pregnant with Matthew #4, my mother was not happy! We sold the motorcycle and bought a van after that!

  3. I SO want to live at the beach! Lucky.

  4. I went to that very beach (my parents have a house there, still do) in the picture every day of every summer for most of my younger life, until I married.

  5. Oh my goodness, how do you fall asleep on the back of a motorcycle?

    I would do anything to live on the beach! I can only imagine how nice that would be.

  6. Jackie, Honestly taking care of three stepchildren and pregnant (surprise) you can pretty much sleep anywhere!

  7. #5 - every mom's worse nightmare. So sorry.

  8. Thanks so much, very sweet of you to say.

  9. So incredibly sorry about #5.

    Really, 2 mountain lions? Wow! Now that's something I don't see here in Ohio.

  10. Thanks for the kindness about the kids!

    And the lions, yup my husband dragged me out of the shower to see them.

  11. I have no idea how i missed this one. Some of your steps are unbelievable . Im terribly sorry for number 5. My mother in law lost her son when he was 19 years old, therefore my husband is the only child. Number 14, and 19 are wild!!!! Can you stil play viola? I can beat you at 21. I got my first grey hair at 16 and now I am all grey, thanks G-d for color dye. Now # 22 is just crazy!!!,

  12. Ah the dreaded #5 that will always be a part of me, a sadness but I've learned to live with it.

    It helps that I have a very close relationship with two of my three other kids, I do have one stepson, I love him very much unfortunately our relationship is strained. All this has helped add to my grays!

    And country living can be wild with the animals, right!

    Sadly I haven't picked up a Viola since graduation. It was fun though!

    The motorcycle, I guess I'm just never going to live that down.I was just so tired, first trimester and all.


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