Monday, October 31, 2011

there's frost on my pumpkin

I can hardly believe that November is upon us. How is it that time has flown by so fast? 
 With the change of the seasons comes so many glorious things.
There was a lovely frost across our land this morning, it glistened in the morning sun like the ocean.

 Why don't you take a minute to breathe in the cool fall air, chat with your neighbor over the fence when your raking your leaves? Heck rake you pile and then jump in them, go wild for a change. Cuddle up with someone you love in front of your fireplace on a chilly day, maybe with a glass of wine or some cocoa.

Think of your favorite knit and wool sweaters your boots, your comfy robe and slippers and your most favorite comforter, don't they always seem so much better this time of year? Kinda like old friends.

Bake a pie out of that pumpkin that's sitting on your porch, believe me it isn't that hard. I've even done it! Put on a pot of soup or stew, bake a loaf of bread, the aroma in the can't be beat.

Enjoy the falling leaves or maybe chop some fire wood.

When was the last time you were apple picking or went on a hay ride?  Have you visited a pumpkin farm recently? Did you go trick or treating yesterday with your kiddies? I didn't get one single trick or treater at my house due to our rural location- boo hoo!

Enjoy your fall my friends, because before you know it, it will be winter!


  1. You certainly paint a pretty picture.

  2. We went apple picking a few weeks ago and we got tons of apples. I've been baking everything apple till my kid pukes but at least my house smells glorious.
    Surprisingly the leaves here in my Canadian neck of the woods haven't started to fall yet. Weird? i think so.

  3. Melissa & mark,
    Thanks guys

    What's going on up there? The leaves are falling in Virginia!

  4. I love sweaters and boots!! In this nasty weather I needed a reminder why Fall is still my favorite time of the year!

    Great post!


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