Tuesday, May 24, 2011

tag you're it

This week's prompt is- Let's Play your  memories for games you played when you were young.

My summers were filled with glorious days filled with sun, sand, family- the sweetest memories of of our family home at the beach on Long Island. My parents, Aunt & Uncle, brothers, cousins; oh the fun we had.

But just as sweet were the kids on the block...
Oh the games we played! Long days on the beach playing football, playing 'keep away' with a pink pency pinky's (pink rubber ball) in the water until our lips turned blue and our mothers would make us come out of the water. Then we'd stand there on the hard sand with strait faces shivering with blue lips saying" I'mmm noottt ccooolldddd," as they wrapped us in fresh beach towels and made us sit in the sun to warm our cold bodies.

After gobbling down dinner it was back outside to choose sides for whatever game of tag, freeze, ringalevio, T.V tag, hospital tag. ONE- TWO-THREE...... whoever was "it" would call out as the rest of us hid in our favorite hiding places. We scraped more knees then I could count, jumped more fences the I could count, hid in the smallest places I could imagine, played more games of tag the I could count, cried more tears of laughter then I could count.  

Seeing my friends daily, the innocence of being so carefree. I think of those days more than I can count and I miss them more the anyone could imagine.


  1. I still love tag to this day and wrote about it too! (Grant it it was swim tag!)

  2. Being a LOT older than you guys, we played many more street games as there were no cars to block us, Johnny on the Pony, one, two, three; stoop ball, marbles, Around the World, jump rope and many, many more. We even built snow houses in the street with tunnels and exits from one apartment house to the other involving six or more houses and there was no traffic so we had free run of the streets. But then again, that was another era and a great one to boot. Built fires across the street and roasted "Mickeys" (potatoes) on a stick until cooked. Great fun believe me. Lemon ice and shaved ice wih syrup guy came around in trucks, there was the "High cash for clothes"
    truck and the "pie" man and the hot chestnut man Ah, such memories for this Brooklyn kid.

  3. You taught me something. I had no idea what a pink pency pinky's was! This was a fun read.

  4. Gonna pop over and read your piece Jackie, thanks for stopping by.

  5. May, When I was a kid everyone had a pency pinky, played with them all the time. They were great- about the size of a tennis ball. I should have put a picture of one with the post now that you mention it, since I doubt they make them anymore!

  6. Hey Aunt Gen,
    I guess my Dad was out there doing all those things with you huh?
    I know when I was doing my thing with the other kids I remember all of you adults sitting either in the Mc Morrow's or the Kelley's enjoying an adult beverages as we all ran around Alabama Street like crazy kids!


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