Saturday, May 28, 2011

a letter to kyle busch

Dear Kyle Busch,

With all due respect, since you don't seem to know it's worth repeating; if the sign say 45 mph it is based on the road conditions and not on the skill or acumen of the driver even if he is famous!

photo from virginia pilot
This car is not a toy as you seem to think and even stated to the officer who gave you a speeding ticket-OMG!. You were driving it down a two lane highway that was near a subdivision, by a popular lake where there is a church and a day care. That means, people use this road for bicycle riding, bus stops, farm equipment, to go about their every day lives.  What were you thinking?

If I may be so bold I would like to give you a bit of advice. I comes unsolicited but with a good amount of personal experience so listen carefully. People have lost their lives on the roads doing things a heck of a lot  less stupider than you; and you my friend are pretty stupid

Driving 128 mph in a 45mph zone shows a pathetic lack of judgment, and your wife was in the car? What in heavens name were you thinking? Do you know how lucky you were you didn't kill someone- or yourselves? 

You do not even want to know the extent of trauma that a vehicular death causes, besides the death alone, what happens to the family. But I do; as the mother of two victims of vehicular deaths.

You need to be punished, to be taught a lesson.  I sincerely I hope you learn from this mistake. If you think your skills are too good to have an accident, that you're too popular, if you think you're too rich or a class above regular justice then the rest of us who break the law, then you're going to hurt someone someday. You are no different, when you get behind the wheel of a car there's always a chance, there's always a chance. Jerk!

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  1. His skill as a NASCAR driver is actually pretty irrelevant if you think about it. When they drive around a racetrack they are in vehicles with roll cages and there are emergency medical personnel standing by in case of injury.

    My husband and I were discussing what we think might happen to Mr. Bush. Possibly he will get off easy because of his celebrity, but I think that would cause anger from the local community. Maybe the judge will make an example out of him, also because of his celebrity. I was wondering what will happen if his driver's license gets suspended. Do you have to have a driver's license to drive in a NASCAR race?

  2. My husband is a retired police officer and to his knowledge a valid drivers licence is required to drive in all cases which should include driving NASCAR; although I have seen it reported to the contrary in the press.

    In the end however being from a law enforcement family and from my own personal experience it's will end up being whatever "the judge says" it is. Maybe he'll get lucky because of his celebrity and get a conditional licence.

    The judges end up doing what the laws allow. The truck driver who took the lives of my children was convicted of reckless driving.(because it was just an accident-no criminal circumstances) His licence was suspended for six months; that's all the law allowed.


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