Friday, May 6, 2011


Today the mold and grass pollen count was thru the roof here in my area and although I don't usually have allergies, I woke up sneezing and by lunch time I was well into a box of tissues and searching my medicine chest  for some type of over the counter medication for my poor runny nose, it was getting sore!

But in any case it reminded me of a cute story about my son M, he was seven years old when this happened......

Eric on left & M on right
my aunt P & uncle R's dog summer

When we lived in NY both my younger boys had allergies and were taking regular allergy shots. When we relocated down here to Virginia we arranged to have their doctor send the ampules to us so that we could get their shots at the medical office here in town; this way they could complete their final year of treatment.

M- our seven year old at the same time was told  by our dentist that his front teeth were very buck and although usually to young for braces we should consider them anyway so he didn't break or damage his teeth. So I made an appointment with an orthodontist up in town; his name was Dr K. He agreed that although M didn't have enough teeth for full braces at seven years of age he was in danger of damaging his teeth. He decided he needed to have his front top four teeth put in braces for safety sake, then he proceeded to take a mold. When all was done M and I got in the car and we were on our merry way home and he looked up with his hazel eyes and said to me with all seriousness:

 "Mommy" he said, "I think you better bring me to the allergy doctor because I'm going to need an extra shot."

 "Why?"  I replied, not understanding allergy shots had to do with his trip to the orthodontist.

 "But Moommmy" he said, " Dr. K just put a mold in my mouth and I'm allergic to mold, I think I'm gonna need that shot!"

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