Tuesday, May 10, 2011

-from my garden- annuals and aquantances

my flowers & herbs

I finally got to do a few pots of flowers and herbs today. My favorite thing to do is to mix my herbs with some flowers together, but I usually only do one of those on the back deck. We are so behind on our planting and really haven't had the chance to go outside and enjoy getting my hands in the soil because of my leg infection. Even if  just for a little while and a few pots, it felt good to get out there today. Look at what I did....

some of what I started with
my little bike flower stand
 flowers & herbs together

They never forget; my friends that is. They come never fail twice a year on Mother's day and on the anniversary of the kids death to be with me. Always with kind words of comfort, a card and flowers. They came for Mother's Day, this is my fifth since they've been gone. They brought me a beautiful rose to be planted out in the yard; a climbing rose called "stairway to heaven" red and wonderfully fragrant. We'll have to pick a perfect place to plant it; full sun and a place to climb.... I'm blessed to have such good friends.

stairway to heaven rose
How's your garden's growing? Our tomatoes are looking wonderful, so is our lettuce and shallots. But our potatoes went in so late due to the rain they haven't even broken thru yet so we're a bit concerned. Tomorrow we'll get to plant our peppers, melons, cucumbers and eggplants and hopefully a long row of beets; hey better late than never!

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