Sunday, May 1, 2011

my life in the country

When I moved here from Long Island New York there were some startling differences- the slower pace and obvious cultural differences. There were basic things that others may not notice but in fact were rather new to me.

For instance there are no side walks so you can't walk on my road, you either drive or take your life into your own hands by walking in the road where the speed limit is 55 miles per hour. Add to that the issue of the many dogs that hunters use during hunting season and then abandon to the street, they can be a bother to a person walking if they pack up as they frequently do. Dogs like these are responsible for the death of two of my cats, and it makes me soooo mad. There are no street lights so it is very dark here, and it took me years to adjust to driving without street lights on the local roads and highways.

see no place to walk!

When outside even if your just sitting on the deck- dark is really dark. You may not realize just how many stars there are up there until you've taken a trip to the country just what a beautiful show God has provided us by just looking up to His skies. That is until the mosquito's find you and then you have to go into the house and look at them thru the skylights!

No more fire house noise  ( i grew up across the street from one) or police cars racing by on the turnpike or the neighbors yelling or conversing over the fence because the houses are so close together. Here the only thing that keeps us up are the bugs and frogs singing in the night and the troops doing maneuvers at Ft Picket which is located about ten miles west of here- they can sometimes get a bit noisy!

What I did realize today after twenty plus years is that I don't wake up from noise anymore, it's the quiet that wakes me up. We belong to and electric cooperative unfortunately that aren't quite as reliable delivering electric power as Virginia Power although  the bright side is they are cheaper. Early this morning the power went out, it happens frequently and for no apparent reason, hence our generator ownership. Without the hum of the fridge and the ceiling fans the house was so quiet it woke me up. Funny how things and people can change huh?

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