Tuesday, May 17, 2011

my unusual wedding favor

This post is inspired by a prompt by The Red Dress Club.
What is my first memory that comes to mind when I see the 

I got dressed for the wedding and although it was rainy I was hopeful that the old wives tale was true and that meant good luck for the bride and groom.

They were longtime friends of my husbands. They had lived together for many years and finally decided to make it official. I were shocked and delighted when we received the invitation. Apparently the priest felt the same way because he even commented about it during Mass to the delight and surprise of the many guests

The reception was amazing, music dancers in costumes, drinking merrily; it was all that I had imagined. The food was endless, and without question one of the finest and generous selections of food I have ever seen.  However even then I wished for two things, I could enjoy a few drinks and two that I could get out on that dance floor; but alas I was pregnant and my ankles had other ideas.

 And when it was time for us to say our goodbyes the groom said to me," did you steal an ash tray?"  "No of course not" I replied, "I don't smoke you know that."He then did the funniest thing; he opened my purse and stuck an ashtray from one of the tables deep within it. When we got out to the car I took it out of my purse and looked to see what was so special about it. Turning on the overhead light I inspected it; what I saw was a glass ashtray and at its base in blue writing it said ' Stolen from Tony and Dee's wedding May 20th 1984.’ 


  1. Thanks,
    Can you imagine I still have it? In the kitchen drawer...I pull it out every so often for the one person I know who still smokes!!

  2. Hilarious! What a fun wedding favor. Not that I smoke. But memories like that are the best favor of all. :-)

  3. The groom was a big smoker Heidi, I gather he thought it was a good idea...it is pretty original I have to say.

  4. Hilarious. I like it. While it may seem shocking now, things were still different back in '84...

  5. How true Amanda it was another time, a different life back then.

  6. I think more things should be marked "Stolen From ..." But what a fun idea. Not the smoking, but the concept of people stealing from you at your wedding. ... some of the stuff I got ... stealing would have saved me a trip to the goodwill. ;)

  7. Ha! That's a funny gift! It's definitely one you remember almost 20 years later!

  8. That sounds so clever! People don't really smoke as much now, so if I ever get remarried I will etch that on the centerpieces maybe? I love it!

  9. 'Stolen from' right under the flower vase- cute!


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