Friday, March 18, 2011

getting things done

wind chime in maple tree
I love the feeling of getting things done around the house especially this time of year- when I can throw the window open and breathe in the fresh spring air. I feel so alive and invigorated and that translates amongst other things into a bunch of good cleaning days. This is the season when we have a lot of company at our house so I need to get it done when the mood strikes.

Room by room I will tackle with help from my husband when i nag when i ask  so that this house will be in order for who ever shows up on our doorstep this season. My cousins from the Philly & Charlotte area are coming for Easter, a different cousin already e-mailed ahead for a claim on  a bedroom with a queen bed for the 4th of July- it can get busy here but always fun.

Today we did the den- rearranged furniture and the plants into a more open floor plan for the grandkids and my cousins kids to play video games. They'll be plenty of room to entertain with this floor plan and then all we have to do is just move a thing or two and the sofa opens up to a bed. I love this room, it's off the kitchen and it has a ton of windows and lots of light- fans in the ceiling. The other half of this room is dedicated to my husbands desk/computer all his stuff .He gets to have his own space, which he loves- what husband would complain about that?
There's still plenty of house left to do and I'm particular, I admit it. We did have a few obstacles that have gotten in the way of our spring preparation. Our extra fridge lovingly know as the "beer fridge" bit the dust so we have to buy a new one- this is crucial for not only beer but extra food when the masses show up for the holidays or just because they feel like visiting. Then because that wasn't enough our grill pooped out too, so we had to get a new one, but it didn't quite end there- does it ever when one owns a home?

young peach tree
I have this mental list of all the things that need to be done outside as well. Our tiller was sent in for repairs so we didn't get our potato garden in yet. We are hoping that's all it is and we don't get bad news that it needs to be replaced on top of everything else. I'm keeping my fingers crossed! After that we need to plant our tomatoes and other vegies but it will need to bet a bit warmer first. There are flower pots to be planted and placed on the decks. Lawn and deck furniture to be pulled out and cleaned and put into place. I think if I wrote a list it would make me crazy. Its just better for it all just to float and rattle around in my brain until I get it all done.

Oh and did I mention we will have to evict our roommates out of the guest rooms  to make way for our cousins or other guests? Meet two of our three little devils, they love to sleep on clean linens.

cheetah & tarzan


  1. Hope you are saving a spot for me sometime this year. I hope to make the trip before I get too old to drive that far. Nothing in concrete yet so don't hold your breath. It's just a big maybe. Thought I could combine it with a visit to KK's so I won't have to drive too long each way. It's still just a thought but you know I would enjoy a visit with you guys immeasurably. We always have such a good time together. Tell Mom to keep the spare bedroom available. and give my love to all.

    Aunt Genevieve

  2. I'm fluffing your pillows in anticipation of your visit! Remember if you can't drive, you can alway hitch a ride with another family member whose heading south. We'd love to have ya.
    Love, Jen


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