Sunday, March 27, 2011

-from my garden- weather delays

Boy the weather's not cooperating with my plans to plant potatoes or tomatoes so far this season. And the guy is taking forever to fix our tiller; it's been two weeks and still no word on how that repair is going, oh brother! 

I have a flat  of tomatoes/lettuce in the house by the front door ready to plant, but it's to cold to plant them. The weather here in the south was beautiful last week, wow was I energized. I went into a bit of a cleaning jag with the sunny warm weather, waiting for the above mentioned tiller.

the house tomatoes- the blue spruce in the front yard

But alas the cool rainy weather has decided to rear its ugly head for the last time this season-hopefully. Last night before turning in the weather man uttered the word... a possibility for this morning! I was under the impression it was spring, I guess mother nature is confused, we're getting an inch today.... So much for my garden....  Oh the horror! 

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