Tuesday, March 22, 2011

-from my kitchen- holy junk drawers batman

Starting the other day I have made this little deal with myself to take on these little projects in the house to get it in order before the southern heat sets in and we have to turn the central air on. For some reason when the summer heat comes mama doesn't get much done in the house. I happily dedicate my summer to the garden getting some time at the beach and spending some time with my family.

Anyway so far the den, my laundry/pantry room and the food shelves have been cleaned off and re-arranged.  The area going out to the garage where we keep the chest freezer is all spiffy and is ready for the new refrigerator that we ordered from Lowe's the other day. 

This brings me to my next project, do you have junk drawers in your kitchen? Believe it or not I have three. To put it lightly they are a mess and filled to the brim with all sorts of....how should I put this politely....crap, the pictures in this blog post show the before and after of just one of the three. True story- three weeks ago we had a birthday party for my mom, I had to use a votive candle on her cake, in all this mess I couldn't find the b'day candles and I know I had them in there somewhere.

So I lined up the three drawers, positioned the trash within arms reach and went to work on trying to make some headway on the madness.
I was a bit shocked to find a few things like.......

    1. the birthday candles- sorry mom!
    2. 11 decks of  playing cards
    3. 4 rolls of scotch tape and 3 rolls of packing tape- all partially used
    4. 4 nice wine corks and 5 bottle pour thingees  I didn't even know I had
    5. 4 cat flea treatments- the ones you put behind their necks-(those things are expensive!)
    6. 2 packs of gum that are a million years old.
    7. 4 ash trays- who smokes anymore anyway?
    8. an I-Pod nano
    9. enough 22 caliber ammo to make Dirty Harry dirtier.

It took a while but I got all three drawers done. I'm not really sure how long my efforts will last but at least for now I feel like I've accomplished something. 



  1. Okay...you've inspired..er..um...convicted me.
    I have junk drawers everywhere.
    Time to get on to that...

  2. Someone's gotta do the dirty work! What really is ridiculous is how good it feels. I haven't put the darn draws back yet. I've been admiring them all day sitting on the counter.
    Go forth and clean Kara!

  3. Impressive! I've started a bit of spring cleaning as well. It's a pain, but so worth it. :)


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