Friday, July 15, 2011

this is what i think - Friday Flip-Offs 7-14

OMG do I have a list of bitchiness for MOMMA KISS' Friday Flip-Offs, if you haven't already check out her site and link up, vent a bit its good for the complexion and it's cheaper than therapy!

This week I will be giving the one finger salute and in some cases more fingers to:

Sleep problems
I cannot remember when the last time I had a full nights sleep.

Compression bandages
These flippin things are horrible, 24/7 torture of the leg. Wet bandage with a dry bandage over it, kinda of like wet underwear with dry pants over them- YUCK!!

Stop already for goodness sake's five inches IS enough.....I know where your dirty little mind is going; that's rain I'm talking about!

Unpaid vacations
My brother and sister in law just visited  us for a short vaca, but didn't stay long...she doesn't get paid vaca; what's up with that?

Derek Jeter
Your worth a bazillion dollars man you should have let the fan/ kid keep the damn 3000 hit ball or payed him a fair price for it, dumb ass.

my local hospital's wound center
You geniuses were supposed to make my leg better not give me MRSA; jerks. I wish I had more fingers but you'd probably infect them like you did my leg!


  1. nutso with the rain! dayum!
    Our month of June was like that. Awful.

  2. Oh no you got MRSA?! I hope that it's getting better!!
    We haven't had rain in a long time but I'd sure welcome it for you ;)

  3. I am so flippin mad Kimberly darn hospital's are just germs with buildings built around them. They called in pills for me but i'm afraid they'll make me go in the hospital to get an IV- don't want that!
    You can have our rain if you want :)


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