Friday, July 22, 2011

I'm taking this leg on vacation eventually - destination undecided

And the list just gets longer folks.... wound appointments,weekly debridements, wound vacs, pressure wraps,unna boots, infections-cellulitis, now MRSA, one hospitalization, home nursing care, and my new little friend a picc line- ( peripherally inserted central catheter ) daily IV's thru Aug 5. Ridiculous doesn't even cover it all because of  a couple of stinking blisters- no lie! 

But enough of that seriously people,  all I can think about lately is where I'm going to go when this is all over, when the leg is healed and the infection is gone.When I say good riddance to the last doctor or nurse and get my boring life back for good.

The other day my husband and I were sitting in the doctors office looking at a magazine and I couldn't help but be drawn to some beautiful articles of tropical beaches and exotic places. Heck I love the water as long as it isn't sterile saline!


I have cousins and other living relatives in Ireland that I have yet to meet in person, so maybe when my whole leg drama comes to a close we should hop over the pond so to speak and go visit my Irish family from my paternal grandmothers side in Cork. Either way this whole episode has taken hold of my life and my life has pretty revolves around my treatments and all that's necessary to heal this wound and now deal with this infection that they found last week.

We've had to cancel one vacation at some expense, and our yearly beach excursion with the family had to be skipped this year since I am not able to be near sand or able to swim.

There are so many choices here in the United States after all there's so much of it I still haven't seen, sure I've been to many of the Eastern United States and Hawaii, California but that's about it. Maybe we should pick a place here at home. I could be persuaded for instance to eat my way thru New Orleans, listen to some jazz, have a few cocktails with the natives in some smokey bar or nightclub.Or do we do what we had planned to do this summer and never got to do, visit the place of my paternal grandfathers birth- Prince Edward Island, Canada I've heard it's beautiful there. Have I mentioned how much I love to eat muscles, some of the best muscles come from PEI, yum!

I am really open to suggestion about what to do and where to travel, and I'm not to worried about expenses at this point. One- I have really good insurance. Two - When I was in the hospital this week, my husband bought a truck. So I think we can probably afford a decent vacation don't you? 

Now I see visitors from all over the country and over the world visiting this blog. I'd really love some suggestions on where you think I should go, I just know you've been somewhere great and want to tell me about it! 

Don't be shy, leave a comment I am open to suggestions.


  1. You definitely need a vacation. Can you go to Vegas? I went there last year and it was glorious!

  2. LOVE IT! Kimberly, I love to gamble truth be told. Hubby and I and about a dozen of my closest relatives went on a cruise and I swear we had the best time in the casino's playing the slots.


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