Saturday, July 16, 2011

don't blink or you'll miss my town

When I moved to the south from Long Island it took a teensy bit of time for me to adjust to the climate change, the driving on interstates to go everywhere, that there were no street lights and that the people were so darn friendly.

The other thing that took a bit of getting used to was the size of our little town, it's pretty small, very small actually. One drug store, a fire house, a bank, our hardware just closed, a library, a hair salon, barber shop, post office, computer store, food market, dairy freeze, pizza place, dollar store, a small garden center and a couple of gas stations and many many churches.

Today the local business owners' there aren't many on the main street opened their doors and had a bit of a fair of sorts. Local farmers, people from our community, business owners, the mayor and others gathered and on the streets on a perfect 80ish degree day.

Some vendors had tents and sold their wears, fresh produce, jewelry, canned vegies ( I got some pickled beets)  and many other crafts and items. They had a bouncie house and face painting for the little ones by the bank.

There was an 80% sale on some of the left over items at our local hardware that recently was closed by the owners so they could peruse their new love (a grandson) when they weren't teaching which is their regular jobs.

The grocery store Wallace's sponsored  free hot dogs and lemonade to all who attended and the booth was manned by The Bank Of McKenney's personnel in the banks parking lot.

I have come to enjoy this type of day and we made new friends over at the new computer store (moving up in the world our town is with a computer store wow!). This couple are friends with the owners of the business, he's in construction and she's in healthcare; very nice people. They have chicken's that  lay blueish green eggs; no lie! Have you ever seen such a thing?

This is a big hit with the little boys; what little boy doesn't dream of being a fireman?

And of course there were no beers here so you couldn't get a pint but you could give a pint!

I think it is rather quaint and I have never once regretted bringing my children here to live a more simple life free of the rush-rush-rush of the the north. I love that when you meet on the street here the people really care to hear about how you are and listen with genuine interest. It makes me happy since I feel the same way about them too.

Truth be told I used to think this was pretty hokey stuff, not anymore.
What about you. How do you feel about how and where you live?


  1. Sounds almost like our village except that we have no drug store/pharmacist, no barber shop, no dairy freeze and no dollar store. And after living in "paradise" since 1971 with over a million people on an island thats only 45 miles around I am THRILLED to be here in the mountains of northern NM. Even if the fire at Los Alamos is only half way contained ( who knew about this...not me!!)I will take my village over the paved over parking lot that Hawaii has become and KNOW that those here do not want to leave the union of states and that they love this country. Small towns rock...and if you forget what you did yesterday the other full time residents will be happy to tell you : )

  2. Oh yes the infamous grapevine, i forgot that one, we have it here too!

    And about Hawaii I agree about the parking lot thing. I come from N,Y and there's less traffic.

    The last time I was in Hawaii it took me an hour to drive from Mililani to Honolulu due to traffic; how ridiculous is that? But the beaches are really beautiful I must say.

  3. I love the way that you wove the story of your town with the photos.

    My husband is from a town similar to yours and yes! It is surprising the first {Or um- five?!} times through! You captured that perfectly here!

  4. Galit,

    The beautiful clear day just screamed to me; take some photo's and use them to enhance the story, glad you liked it.

  5. Sounds like the town I came from, living in a pretty large town(by British standards) the thing I miss most is the sense of community. Sounds heavely :)

  6. I grew up in a small town and i miss that terribly. We moved to the city when we were married and I don't like it one bit. I love the small town feel!


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