Friday, July 8, 2011

"swim charlie swim" - when dogs pee to much

Do you have funny stories from your childhood that just make you laugh? I have tons of them actually, most from my days on the beach and my friends on the block. We had some good times during the summers of my childhood. Maybe you missed the story of my friend Mary and I as we watched the neighbor boys tie their Nanny up in the yard and cut her hair off in a friendly game of cowboys and Indians? You can read it here if you missed it girls-and-indians.

I was thinking today of another story this one had to do with a bunch of dogs who liked to pee on the fence A LOT!

My dogs names were Major and Smokey and my Aunt and Uncle's dog was named Duke; they were all Shepherds.My friend Mary lived right next door and there was a chain linked fence separating our yards, her much smaller dog was named Charlie Brown. The dogs, all male would wile away the hours rotating peeing on the fence, one after another like a ballet.

One night Mary and I were sitting at the curb directly in front of the gate to her yard. And there to our right was the four male dogs having their nightly pee fest. Then we heard a noise to the left, the neighbor on the other side had company, oh their company had a dog. OH SHIT it was a big dog a Great Dane.

We watched as if in slow motion as little Charlie Brown made his way over to the fence and started to lift his leg. The giant Great Dane did the same and poor Charlie Brown didn't know what hit him as pee rained down all over his little brown little body.

Then as if out of the blue from the doorway behind us we heard Mary's mother in a soft voice dripping with disgust say calmly but with humor that was hard to miss, " swim Charlie swim, swim Charlie swim." 

We sat on the curb and just giggled and giggled; I'm not sure what was funnier that Charlie was soaked with pee or that Mary's mother thought that the whole thing was so darn funny. We were maybe thirteen at the time and Mom's were not funny EVER then!

How about you; cute memories of childhood or favorite pet stories that you remember and would like to share?


  1. Hey Jen, I was just imagining this happening and laughing. I have a fun childhood memory, at a slumber party. Itsn't that where all the fun stuff happens? We were sleeping out in the playhouse and I had to go to the bathroom so I went in the house. Well I heard someone, it happened to be my friend's dad. He was going out to scare everyone, well I followed -- quietly. hehe Well, he started making noises scaring the girls, he turned to run and ran right into me. He was so scared, I thought he was going to have a heart attack. I didn't even set out to scare him. It was so funny.

  2. How funny is that? I think when we're kids we just don't imagine "grown-ups" as "real people" who are capable of being funny or even scared.

    Then when they are funny, silly or even scared and we catch a glimpse of it as children or we reflect now as adults back to those memories of them it's just hilarious to us!

  3. OMG, that's so funny, that poor little Charlie. I'd hate to see what happened when little Charlie came back in the house - ewww.

  4. Stinking and driping all over the place- that's what he did! Poor guy...


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