Thursday, June 2, 2011

did you ever notice?

Did you ever notice the air conditioner works wonderful until it hits the upper 90's and then like clockwork it breaks?  Do they send little men over to sabotage the thing that's what I'd like to know? It has been hot hot hot here in the south since last week. Tuesday when I was in the city it was 103. It takes your breath away when its that hot let me tell you.

 Most of you know my Mom lives next door to me. She and my Aunt Winifred (her sister) God rest her soul moved here in 2004 and we were able to add one house to our property per county regulations. It's a nice little three bedroom great for when my brothers, their families and other family members come; between both houses we have tons of room for lots of company to spread out. And of course it goes without saying I love having my mother next door.

Anyway when  I was over at her house the other day I noticed the temperature in the house was pretty steamy so I checked the air flow with my digital thermometer and it was hot to say the least. Needless to say it was Sunday on a holiday weekend during a heat spell- the first of the year so what were we to do? We put in a call the repair company for service. They put in our central air and heat/ custom duct work and got on "the list" and waited; we are in fact still waiting. We like this company they did wonderful work on our house and they also service my church so that's our connection.

The smart solution seemed to be was to move Mom over to our house into the downstairs bedroom. Now she's the Mom I know and love, sitting in the living room watching the flat screen , doing her puzzles, with her sweater on! My AC is in fine working order. But I don't think Mom minds a bit since I believe she likes having being waited on and having people to hang out with all day.

When they do come and I believe maybe tomorrow she'll be happy to get home to her own bed and her own stuff. Let's hope it's a simple repair- fingers crossed it doesn't need to be replaced....expensive!

How's the weather where you live? Hot hot hot or not not not?

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