Friday, September 16, 2011

solving crimes from my couch

I'm linking up with my friend Kristen from a little something for me for her
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My confession is nothing heavy this week, just a little something about my TV watching habits.

Well, if you want to know where I am when there is a crime show on the tube you can bet I’ll be in front of our flat screen watching. I am addicted; I think that makes me a crime show couch potato maybe!

My husband dislikes them because he was a cop and he finds them ridiculous, but I love them. Bones, Criminal Minds, NCIS, The Mentalist,The Closer, Covert Affairs, White Collar and others. I even love Matock reruns! 

Who cares if they're realistic they keep me entertained and I love watching and trying to break down the plots; to figure out "who done it". I'm actually pretty good at solving the crimes from my very own sofa. That skill gleaned from all the mystery reading I did in my younger days!

Now your turn; what is it that keeps you glued to the TV?


  1. Just one more reason we are soul sisters. I LOVE ALL crime shows. Favorite right now is Criminal Minds, but I love NCIS and CSI. I even love Matlock and Murder She Wrote. Thanks for linking! Love the post!

  2. Oh dear, my little secret is my daily soap. Trashy, absurd and totally crazy, but I've been watching it since almost the day it first aired. what is it about the soap world that captivates me? Maybe because their messed up lives are often so laughable. And, ridiculous story lines aside, there is often some stellar acting going on. And no matter what is going on in my world, I can always say it's not as messed up as theirs! :)

  3. Kristen,

    If I ever saw Jessica Fletcher I'd grab my loved ones and run for the hills! Someone always dies with her around.


    I have one word for you Belize!


    Those shows are so trashy but I guess the acting alone is ridiculously entertaining. My nana used to love them, and she was NEVER wrong!!


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