Thursday, September 22, 2011

mama kat's - where I'm from

I've never done a writer's workshop before this is my first. It was also really fun so go on over to Mama Kat's and check out all the other writers they are fantastic 

I am from American made cars, always blue, from Dewar’s Scotch and warm beach sand.

I am from a white stucco, sun filled two story house with brick stairs and the food aromas always ever present.

I am from the sunflower plant, tall, strong, sun worshiping and top heavy.

I am from Santa on Christmas Eve and laughter, from Nana’s gifts in brown bags and Daddy and Popa.

I am from screamers and jokers and lovers no matter what.

From go out and play to don’t go in over your head.

I am from Catholic not public, and statues of Mary in the back yard.

I am from New York City and Ireland and some French, pots of soup on the stove and bread, beer and potato’s.

From the albums my brother Paul played on our Victorla in the living room, the box of forty fives and how Daddy used to sing along when he drank to much.

I am from tea sets displayed on my side board and family pictures around my house and stored in my closet and family silver that graces my table every holiday that carried wonderful memories of my childhood.


  1. Oops... hit enter too quickly: Love the sunflower reference - that was really beautiful.

  2. Wonderfully written Jen! Now I've got that country song going through my head ... "Where I come from, it's corn bread and chicken. Where I come from, a lot of front porch sittin..." Oh, I"m a new follower on GFC too. :O)

  3. Thanks Darlene I'm glad you liked it. I kinda laughed when I wrote the sunflower thing but it fits me!

  4. Welcome Kentucky Gal,
    Thanks so much. Loved the subject of your post yesterday; the plight and the struggles of the poor is a passion of mine!

  5. Hi Jen, I am from Russia..... love this post.Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting on it.

  6. Thanks Ariana I appreciate the compliment!

  7. Wonderfully written Jen! And nice to meet you :)

  8. Thanks Alison, nice of you to come by and say so.

  9. This is great Jen. I still have my porcelain tea set from when I was a kid. Oh and I remember the silver and cleaning it to make it all shiny and sparkly.

  10. Thanks JT!I think every family must have had one... my Nana's set which I have is blue and gold lusterware.

  11. This is wonderful! Well done!
    I did this same prompt and linked to it for WOE's weekend linkup. So did Galit. We must all be on the same wavelength this week!


  12. Beautiful! We had Santa on Christmas Eve as well :)

  13. Thanks, glad you liked it. My Popa was Santa for our family, of course I didn't know it then!


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