Sunday, February 6, 2011

YOU STINK...and it's making me sick

Anyone who suffers from migraines as I do knows they are not regular headaches. They can and are devastating to your life. For me it took years and several doctors to find the right life style changes and medications to get them under control.

Everyone has different triggers and I have learned to not only identify mine but live with them too. It's a tricky balance, a dance if you will.

Here are my dance partners:

There's to much sleep, not enough sleep, broken sleep.
Trigger foods- to many to mention, alcohol, beer and wine.
Bright lights, flashing lights are not my friend.
Stress, good luck with that.
My charming personality type
Too much caffeine or to little depending- can either cause or stop a headache.
Skipping meals will cause them.
Changes in the weather can too.
Traveling may, especially since it may cause changes in weather, diet and sleeping habits.
and then there's......
Smells my personal favorite and pet peeve 

 If I am smelling the scent of your  perfume or fragrance in the meat dept of the grocery store and you are four aisles away in the frozen food section; your need to learn to  step away from the perfume bottle. 

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