Monday, February 21, 2011

how does your garden grow?

big boys
All over the news stations and the on line news they are predicting the price of fruits, vegetables, basically food in general are going up. I can't see having to pay a premium at the store for it when I can just as easily grow it in my yard. I'm actually looking forward to it.  Have I mentioned I have a big yard- 26.5 acres to be honest. Its just the two of us so we have to keep the size of what we plant manageable, and it is for our pleasure, not a job after all.

Needless to say we will be expanding this year, planting more, canning more, milling, sharing more with those in need and with our neighbors. My husband has several friends who show up regularly with bags in their pocket for their weekly tomato fix, they are pretty funny guys- here ya think they're here for a visit and they whip out their bags!

last years tomato garden

cheetah & tarzan
The beginning of  the growing season for us here in the south central part of Virginia is March when we put in our potatoes first since this is zone 7. We've found that the best schedule for us is to always plant on or about St Patty's day and we harvest the potatoes usually on or about July 4th.

last years spuds
So I'm thinking about all of this and then it hit me; crap our friends who are teachers and who also own the local hardware where we always buy our seed potatoes the ones that grew those orbs of goodness (I'm Irish) closed their business so they  had time to enjoy their grandchild.

We live in a pretty rural area, the local hardware is a wonderful place where you can buy just about anything. Although I am thrilled they are taking it easy after many years of working their backsides off, you might have heard me grumble when we have to drive twenty or more miles to another store.

pay dirt!
Thank goodness my daughter is a planting and gardening freak herself- always buying this and that for her own yard and she found me a source for several different varieties that was pretty local- twenty mile drive.
beets, shallots, eggplants, basil

There is a ton of tilling to do and seeds to start, choices to make about what we'll grow, where to put it all.
It's going to be fun. I can't promise however that there won't be a post or two about the weeds and the hot southern sun- did I mention those pesky mayflies?

So tell me if there's interested gardeners or would be gardeners out there reading this blog and you feel like sharing, how does your garden grow? What are you  planning on doing this season in your garden, anything new or interesting?

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