Friday, February 4, 2011


I am reminded  multiple times daily by little pop ups on my computer that it is time to update my computer virus protection. All I have is four more days of protection left- not only on my laptop but for my husbands desktop too.

Last year at this time I had to file a complaint with one of the popular companies for renewing my subscription multiple weeks early and charging my credit card, thus cheating me out of weeks of protection, then taking my money weeks earlier than necessary.

Of course I finally was able to get a credit- cancel my subscription, after a very frustrating phone call which left me wondering;  how many people out there don't realize that these companies use these tactics as a matter of practice?

So I switched to a new anti-virus software program installed it by using the disk. They've been sending me e-mails daily with deals on downloading the 2011 version for 50% off $89.99- now the fabulously reduced price of $49.99. There isn't one chance in heck that I'll renew online ever again- even with this new company.

Once bitten!

I did a little search today and found the same version (2011-plus one computer), I can and will purchase it at my local Sam's club for $19.88 plus tax.
$49.99 they're kidding right?

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