Thursday, April 7, 2011

-from my garden- tomatoes finally!

The sun finally was shinning today and it looks like the weather has taken a permanent turn for the better. Dare I say spring has come. As I sit here writing this blog post however I am still keeping my fingers crossed just in case I'm wrong.

We finally got our tiller back after two weeks. The poor repair man was under the weather so that was the delay. Thank goodness the carburetor just needed a good cleaning so it wasn't a costly endeavor and now we're back in business.

My husband and I went out today and planted some tomatoes and a few lettuce plants in our garden. It's just a start for us there is still plenty left to do, but we didn't want to leave for the beach without having something in the ground.

Here's a few pictures- the product of our labor...

You may be wondering about the black paper, we always use this in our tomato gardens. We love this stuff, it keeps the weeds down and the soil moist around the roots in the hot southern sun. Take my word when I tell you our tomatoes grow tall and strong.

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