Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Like many Americans I watched the State of The Union Address last night. Just checking in to see what our Commander in Chief sees as his vision for our country. Frankly I couldn't help but be curious to see whether there would be another "tissue moment" for John Boehner or which of the Supremes would actually show up. It was like being back at High School again. PLEASE!

I'm not sure which bright character decided to "date up" the members of Congress  into symbolic pairs; to make a complete and absurd  side show to what should be the serious business of the country.  But I was in- I bit I admit it- I couldn't help but scan the crowd to see if anyone  would be sitting alone? Who were the popular "couple"? Does anyone out there actually know how many times  Paul Ryan blinked during the republican response?

Here, on my couch I was happy to cozy up for the festivities with my "date". Don't tell Bill, but he was a handsome  strawberry/blond with a lot more hair then Bill has. This guy could hardly stay away from me, climbing all over would not believe; and he's younger too, very young actually. Bill almost caught us but he dashed off the couch and got out the door, his muscular legs and butt the last thing I saw as he left without a word. Here's a picture of my date.......

You didn't seriously think...did ya?

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